Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 190 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Andy And Jamie Scottish Tennis Brothers
Solution: Murray

Question: Are We There Yet Common Road Trip Question
Solution: Nearly

Question: Artful Youthful Leader Of Fagins Gang
Solution: Dodger

Question: Buildings Where Monks Or Nuns Live
Solution: Abbeys

Question: Completely Ridiculous
Solution: Absurd

Question: El Luring Golden Metropolis
Solution: Dorado

Question: Famous Centaur In Greek Mythology
Solution: Chiron

Question: Food Related Sort Of Gore Harpoon Or Jab
Solution: Skewer

Question: Freedom From Danger Or Harm
Solution: Safety

Question: Heavy Patterned Table Linen Fabric
Solution: Damask

Question: Japan Is Known As The Land Of The Sun
Solution: Rising

Question: Large Sea Which Divides Australia And New Zealand
Solution: Tasman

Question: Long Sickle Deaths Tool
Solution: Scythe

Question: Los National Security Lab In New Mexico
Solution: Alamos

Question: Organic Compound Used As Fuel Gas
Solution: Butane

Question: SNL Alumni Waynes World Co Star Dana
Solution: Carvey

Question: Skoda Car Sounds Like An Alaskan Brown Bear
Solution: Kodiaq

Question: Slow Moving Animal Can Breathe Through Its Rear End
Solution: Turtle

Question: Someone Who Locates Things
Solution: Finder

Question: Sultan Mizan Zainal Stadium Malaysia
Solution: Abidin

Question: Tooth Makes Up The Visible Part Of A Tooth
Solution: Enamel

Question: Tradesperson Specializes In Fusing Things Together
Solution: Welder

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