Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 189 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Bowed Stringed Instrument Having Four Strings
Solution: Fiddle

Question: Burns Are Caused By Heat Or Chemicals
Solution: Damage

Question: Cleopatra Star Elizabeth
Solution: Taylor

Question: Edible Layer On Japanese Candies
Solution: Oblaat

Question: Holding Straight Not Moving Or Giving
Solution: Steady

Question: Julia Child In The Film Julie And Julia Meryl
Solution: Streep

Question: Provision Rig Furnish
Solution: Supply

Question: Pungent Layered Veggies That Make You Cry
Solution: Onions

Question: Pungent Layered Veggies You Cry When You Chop Them
Solution: Onions

Question: Relative To King Arthurs People
Solution: Celtic

Question: Soak Up Like A Sponge
Solution: Absorb

Question: System That Warms Up The Inside Of A Car
Solution: Heater

Question: The O In UFO Unidentified Flying
Solution: Object

Question: The Capital Of Lebanon
Solution: Beirut

Question: The Least Wet With A Y
Solution: Dryest

Question: To Trade Goods Instead Of Paying With Money
Solution: Barter

Question: Al Qadr Holiest Night For Muslims
Solution: Laylat

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