Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Evil Eye Is An Example Of This Protection
Solution: Amulet

Question: A Dragon In Chronicles Of Narnia Eustace
Solution: Scrubb

Question: Accidental Clumsy Fall Not Disastrous
Solution: Brodie

Question: Amazons EReader
Solution: Kindle

Question: Brass Trumpet Like Instrument
Solution: Cornet

Question: Chinese Philosophy Known As The Way
Solution: Taoism

Question: Exclamation Of Surprise Geez
Solution: Louise

Question: Lung Disease
Solution: Asthma

Question: Multi Oscar Winning Film Starring Charlton Heston
Solution: Ben hur

Question: Peninsula Shared By Italy Croatia And Slovenia
Solution: Istria

Question: Peter South African World Cup Stadium
Solution: Mokaba

Question: Preferably You Than Me
Solution: Rather

Question: Rescues A Dog That Needs A Home
Solution: Adopts

Question: Space Portable Warmer For Enclosed Areas
Solution: Heater

Question: Stubs Of Harvested Trees
Solution: Stumps

Question: They Fear To Tread Where Fools Rush In
Solution: Angels

Question: To Force Someone To Do Something
Solution: Oblige

Question: To State That Something Is True
Solution: Affirm

Question: Type Of Hat Taken From A George Du Maurier Book
Solution: Trilby

Question: Where Your Umbilical Cord Was Attached Belly
Solution: Button

Question: Whistlers Grey And Black Oil Painting
Solution: Mother

Question: Woodworking Is The Skill Of Wooden Items
Solution: Making

Question: Crabs Are Small Mediterranean Crustaceans
Solution: Velvet

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