Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 2015 Sci Fi Thriller Directed By Alex Garland
Solution: Ex machina

Question: A Crypt Full Of Tombs
Solution: Mausoleum

Question: Despondent Forlorn Hopeless
Solution: Desperate

Question: Device Used In Submarines To See Above Water
Solution: Periscope

Question: Disgusting Study That Examines Vomiting
Solution: Emetology

Question: Engaged In Conflict
Solution: Embattled

Question: Folk Traditional Form Of This Grappling Sport
Solution: Wrestling

Question: Genghis Khans Subdivisions Of The Mongol Empire
Solution: Appanages

Question: German Composer Went Deaf In His Later Years
Solution: Beethoven

Question: It Protects Cars Homes And Lives Against Loss
Solution: Insurance

Question: Italian Car Brand With Flag And Snake On Its Badge
Solution: Alfa romeo

Question: Longest Reigning British Monarch To Date II
Solution: Elizabeth

Question: Mucho In Mexico The Whole
Solution: Enchilada

Question: Municipal Station Ready To Help Buildings In Flame
Solution: Firehouse

Question: Plant Legume Can Be Used As Food
Solution: Vegetable

Question: Protective Garment Worn By Astronauts
Solution: Spacesuit

Question: Related To The Arrangement Of Sounds In Language
Solution: Phonology

Question: Related To The Organization Of Sounds In Language
Solution: Phonology

Question: Secretary Of State Under Nixon Henry
Solution: Kissinger

Question: Sleeveless Aprons
Solution: Pinafores

Question: Steel That Does Not Rust Or Corrode
Solution: Stainless

Question: The Best Is
Solution: Yet to come

Question: The Opposite Of Flat Shoes
Solution: High heels

Question: Theologian And Missionary Brother Of St Cyril
Solution: Methodius

Question: Upset The Spoil Someones Plans
Solution: Apple cart

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