Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Device For Connecting Two Parts Of An Apparatus
Solution: Adapter

Question: A Partial Or Total Loss Of Memory
Solution: Amnesia

Question: Boating Sport Requiring Understanding Of Wind
Solution: Sailing

Question: Drinking Glass With No Stem Or Handles
Solution: Tumbler

Question: Esteems Respects Thinks Highly Of
Solution: Admires

Question: Excess Luggage Over The Allowed Amount
Solution: Baggage

Question: Fat Layer Between Skin And Muscle In Whales
Solution: Blubber

Question: Flavius First King Of Italy
Solution: Odoacer

Question: Harrison Ford Star Wars Character
Solution: Han solo

Question: Hobby Of Making All Different Types Of Foods
Solution: Cooking

Question: Largest River System That Flows To The Arctic
Solution: Yenisei

Question: Michael Ran For US President In 1988
Solution: Dukakis

Question: Origin Of Something
Solution: Genesis

Question: Short And Informative
Solution: Concise

Question: To Regard With Displeasure Antipathy Or Aversion
Solution: Dislike

Question: Venus Roman Of Love
Solution: Goddess

Question: Who Not His Gutters His Whole House
Solution: Repairs

Question: Gogol Writer Related To Surrealism And Grotesque
Solution: Nikolai

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