Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 188 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Volcanic Chocolate Cake Souffle Like
Solution: Molten

Question: Along With Waning Describes The Moons Phases
Solution: Waxing

Question: Commercial Brand Name For Adhesive Tape Made By 3M
Solution: Scotch

Question: Criminal Also Known As An Indictment
Solution: Charge

Question: DVD Format For High Definition Video
Solution: Blu ray

Question: Dark Or Badly Lit Place Feeling Pessimistic
Solution: Gloomy

Question: Developed Wings And Flew Too Close To The Sun
Solution: Icarus

Question: Fiat Sports Car Named After An Arachnid
Solution: Spider

Question: HTML HyperText Language
Solution: Markup

Question: Indonesian Sea Between Bali And Java Seas
Solution: Flores

Question: Livestock Food Made From Plants Cheap Resources
Solution: Fodder

Question: Main Choreographer And Member Of Jackson 5
Solution: Marlon

Question: Meghan Married Prince Harry
Solution: Markle

Question: Meryl One Of The Greatest Actresses In The US
Solution: Streep

Question: Papier Mache Animal Containing Sweets
Solution: Pinata

Question: Sandy Flat Floor Of A Basin That Is Dry
Solution: Desert

Question: St Jude Patron Saint Of Lost
Solution: Causes

Question: This Fast Bird Simply Said Beep Beep Road
Solution: Runner

Question: Traditional Japanese Flooring Sitting Mat
Solution: Tatami

Question: Trophies Given At The Academy Awards
Solution: Oscars

Question: Western Sahel Sword With A Tapering Tip
Solution: Takoba

Question: Wheel Cover
Solution: Hubcap

Question: Boat Festival Chinas Double Fifth Celebration
Solution: Dragon

Question: Flaw Trait That Leads To Protagonists Downfall
Solution: Tragic

Question: Root Number Multiplied By Itself
Solution: Square

Question: Snapper Is A Large Red Fish With Huge Teeth
Solution: Cubera

Question: Straw Perfect For Hat Making
Solution: Tuscan

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