Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1571 Naval Battle Between Ottomans And Christians
Solution: Lepanto

Question: A Miss Is As Good
Solution: As a mile

Question: A Near Fall
Solution: Stumble

Question: Aircrafts Designed To Attack By Dropping Weaponry
Solution: Bombers

Question: Albrecht Creator Of The William Tell Legend
Solution: Gessler

Question: Ask Someone To Marry You
Solution: Propose

Question: Asthma Treatment Reliever Or Preventer
Solution: Inhaler

Question: Cafe At Night Van Goghs Evening Piece
Solution: Terrace

Question: Cat With Non Retractile Claws
Solution: Cheetah

Question: Country Whose Capital City Is Kiev
Solution: Ukraine

Question: Definitely Gone
Solution: Extinct

Question: Digits In The Hand
Solution: Fingers

Question: Disposable Utensils Are Made Out Of This Material
Solution: Plastic

Question: Former NBA Player Clyde The Glide
Solution: Drexler

Question: Frayed Shorts Made From Jeans
Solution: Cutoffs

Question: Frozen Sweetened Water Usually Fruit Flavored
Solution: Sherbet

Question: General Seating Area Of A Circus
Solution: Gallery

Question: Greek Stallion With Wings
Solution: Pegasus

Question: Irish Saint Whose Day Is Celebrated On March 17
Solution: Patrick

Question: It Makes A Hard Copy Of Your Computer Documents
Solution: Printer

Question: Legendary 14th Century Habsburg Bailiff At Altdorf
Solution: Gessler

Question: Number After Fourteen
Solution: Fifteen

Question: Permanently Gone Like The Dinosaurs
Solution: Extinct

Question: Room Where The Last Supper Happened
Solution: Cenacle

Question: Second Largest City In China And In The World
Solution: Beijing

Question: Separating Lumps In Flour
Solution: Sifting

Question: The Eyes Are The To The Soul
Solution: Windows

Question: The Knight Of The Sorrowful Countenance
Solution: Quixote

Question: To Run A Ship Onto The Beach Or On Land
Solution: Aground

Question: Transition Zone Where Tides Meet Streams
Solution: Estuary

Question: Whole Number Not A Fraction
Solution: Integer

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