Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Flea Pepper Aka Chiltepins
Solution: Small hots

Question: Arrangement Where Two Airlines Operate A Flight
Solution: Codeshare

Question: Bat These Little Hairs When You Like Someone
Solution: Eyelashes

Question: Beaten Eggs Folded While Cooking
Solution: Omelettes

Question: Bed And
Solution: Breakfast

Question: Can Get You Hooked
Solution: Addictive

Question: Ceres Roman Goddess Of Agriculture
Solution: Fertility

Question: Champers Shampoo
Solution: Champagne

Question: Coercion Using Incriminating Knowledge To Extort
Solution: Blackmail

Question: Diplomatic Residences
Solution: Embassies

Question: Elevated Level Area Of Land
Solution: Tableland

Question: Fizzy Drink Used To Toast While Celebrating
Solution: Champagne

Question: He Plays Gale In The Hunger Games Movies
Solution: Hemsworth

Question: Historical Account Name Of Newspaper
Solution: Chronicle

Question: Nocturnal Mammal With A Leathery Armour Shell
Solution: Armadillo

Question: Revolutionary French Republican Grouping
Solution: Girondins

Question: Song Word Aids For Congregations
Solution: Hymn books

Question: Volcanic Canary Islands Isle With Fuego Mountains
Solution: Lanzarote

Question: Warhammer Is A Table Top Game
Solution: Miniature

Question: Gorgeous Villain On Jimmy Neutron
Solution: Beautiful

Question: Square Beijing Site Of Maos Mausoleum
Solution: Tiananmen

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