Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Key Opens All Sorts Of Doors
Solution: Skeleton

Question: Acts Of The Book About Founding Of Church
Solution: Apostles

Question: Bloodsucker Leech Freeloader Hanger On
Solution: Parasite

Question: Buses That Go To And From
Solution: Shuttles

Question: Chemical Element Looks Like Tin Symbol Tl
Solution: Thallium

Question: City Thats Home To The Hagia Sophia
Solution: Istanbul

Question: In This Country People Speak Lao Dialects
Solution: Thailand

Question: Knee Length Male Skirt It Comes From
Solution: Scotland

Question: Like Urea But With Sulfur Atom
Solution: Thiourea

Question: Moving But Not Backwards Or Forwards
Solution: Sideways

Question: Nicknamed Soundless Dogs
Solution: Basenjis

Question: Picture Of A Person Usually Showing The Face
Solution: Portrait

Question: Planning Secretly
Solution: Plotting

Question: Subversion Of A Constitution Major Crime
Solution: Sedition

Question: They Make Rings Bracelets And Custom Pieces
Solution: Jewelers

Question: This Bowl Game Was First Ever Played In 1902
Solution: Rose bowl

Question: Where Fliers Wait For The Fly Bar In Circus
Solution: Pedestal

Question: In Blue Gershwin Classic
Solution: Rhapsody

Question: Sulphate Was Used As Rat Poison Symbol Tl
Solution: Thallium

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