Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Arch Is A Rock Formation With An Opening
Solution: Natural

Question: A Region In Central Italy Florence Is Its Capital
Solution: Toscana

Question: Acrophobia Is The Fear Of
Solution: Heights

Question: Ancient Egyptian Monarch Ruler Of The Dynasties
Solution: Pharaoh

Question: Black Ozzys Band
Solution: Sabbath

Question: Cauldron Stirring Magic Women
Solution: Witches

Question: Comparison Of Two Things
Solution: Analogy

Question: Event That Causes Public Outrage
Solution: Scandal

Question: French Impressionist Painter Jules Robert
Solution: Auguste

Question: God Of Wisdom And Remover Of Obstacles In Hinduism
Solution: Ganesha

Question: Group Of People Who Work In A Ship
Solution: Crewmen

Question: Hugo Considered Mexicos Best Soccer Player
Solution: Sanchez

Question: It Holds The Aircraft Engine
Solution: Nacelle

Question: John The Beheaded Upon Herodias Request
Solution: Baptist

Question: Month Between September And November
Solution: October

Question: Often Confused With Debt Costs Exceed Revenue
Solution: Deficit

Question: Popular Painkiller Can Help Prevent Heart Attacks
Solution: Aspirin

Question: Product For Washing The Hair
Solution: Shampoo

Question: Sidney First Bahamian Oscar Winner In 1964
Solution: Poitier

Question: Small Cake With Icing On Top
Solution: Cupcake

Question: Someone Who Writes Online Articles
Solution: Blogger

Question: Symbol Li Silver Metal Used In Batteries
Solution: Lithium

Question: The Chinese Is A Breed Of Hairless Dog
Solution: Crested

Question: This Sea Mammal Can Be Bottle Nosed
Solution: Dolphin

Question: Twenty Thousand Under The Sea J Vernes Novel
Solution: Leagues

Question: Is The Best Policy
Solution: Honesty

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