Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 187 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Air Aerial Motorsport
Solution: Racing

Question: Autochthonous Domestic Endemic
Solution: Native

Question: Collision Of Two Items Together Strike
Solution: Impact

Question: Communities Of Plant Or Animal Species
Solution: Biomes

Question: Deeply Angered Openly Furious
Solution: Ireful

Question: Fantasy Novel By J K Rowling Harry
Solution: Potter

Question: Female Islamic Spiritual Leader
Solution: Pirani

Question: French Writer Who Took His Lobster Pet For Walks
Solution: Nerval

Question: It Has Tastebuds
Solution: Tongue

Question: January Birthstone Deep Red
Solution: Garnet

Question: Largest Of Mars Moons
Solution: Phobos

Question: Lebanese Capital City On The Mediterranean Sea
Solution: Beirut

Question: Long Curved Yellow Fruit Platano
Solution: Banana

Question: Official Currency Of Malawi
Solution: Kwacha

Question: Representative Of Someone Else Interest Of
Solution: Behalf

Question: Restrained By A Police Officers Kit
Solution: Cuffed

Question: Ruthless Dictator Roman Ruler Julius
Solution: Caesar

Question: Shortened Term For Situation Comedy
Solution: Sitcom

Question: Skilled Shooter Concealed From The Enemy
Solution: Sniper

Question: Soft And Furry Like A Newborn Chick
Solution: Fluffy

Question: Soft Porous Artists Tool From Undersea
Solution: Sponge

Question: Spina Birth Defect Prevented With Folic Acid
Solution: Bifida

Question: Strongest Muscle In The Human Body
Solution: Tongue

Question: The Given Name Of The Barber Of Seville
Solution: Figaro

Question: They Pump Blood
Solution: Hearts

Question: Toulouse Lautrecs Preferred Venue Rouge
Solution: Moulin

Question: Type Of Cheese Pulled Into Filaments
Solution: String

Question: Wide Mouthed Pipe It Makes It Easy To Pour Liquids
Solution: Funnel

Question: Wood Or Plastic Stick Used To Move A Boat
Solution: Paddle

Question: Xanthophobia Is The Fear Of The Color
Solution: Yellow

Question: Lang Austrian Fashion Designer
Solution: Helmut

Question: Planet Travel Advice Website
Solution: Lonely

Question: Of The Jedi The End Of Darth Vader
Solution: Return

Question: Signed Delivered 1970 Hit For Stevie Wonder
Solution: Sealed

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