Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 186 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Ancient Greek
Solution: Grecian

Question: Balls And Cord Device Thrown To Bring Down Quarry
Solution: Bolases

Question: Banksys Little Girl Lets Go Of A Heart Shaped
Solution: Balloon

Question: Butch Played By Paul Newman
Solution: Cassidy

Question: Country Where The Singer Bjork Is From
Solution: Iceland

Question: Cousin Of The Tornado
Solution: Cyclone

Question: Easy Peasy For A Cheating Card Dealer Of Hand
Solution: Sleight

Question: George Shaw Irish Who Won The Nobel Prize
Solution: Bernard

Question: George Actor Of Oceans Eleven
Solution: Clooney

Question: Indonesian Sword With Protruding Notch
Solution: Klewang

Question: John Dory Is A Fish With Black Marks
Solution: Coastal

Question: Many Use It To Carry Groceries
Solution: Tote bag

Question: One Who Plays The Black And White Keys
Solution: Pianist

Question: Open Display Surfaces For Books
Solution: Shelves

Question: Open Storage Surfaces For Books Ornaments
Solution: Shelves

Question: Organs That Help Cleanse Your System
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Passengers Who Do Not Turn Up For A Booked Flight
Solution: No shows

Question: Potato Pasta
Solution: Gnocchi

Question: The Warsaw Ghetto Movie By Roman Polanski
Solution: Pianist

Question: The Bobsled Team In Cool Runnings Is From
Solution: Jamaica

Question: The Way One Laughs When He Does It Last
Solution: Longest

Question: When The Seaside Waters Recede
Solution: Ebb tide

Question: Oxide Ancient Weapon Aka Quicklime
Solution: Calcium

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