Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Handsome Beatle
Solution: Mc cartney

Question: An Item Of Clothing You Put On First
Solution: Underwear

Question: Australian Nut Used In Desserts
Solution: Macadamia

Question: Caesars Wife Who Supposedly Foresaw His Death
Solution: Calpurnia

Question: Document Giving Permission To Go Into A Country
Solution: Entry visa

Question: Fab Four Member Paul
Solution: Mc cartney

Question: Fairy Tale Character Who Tells Lies
Solution: Pinocchio

Question: Flaming Tool Used By Metalworkers
Solution: Blow torch

Question: Host Of The Price Is Right
Solution: Drew carey

Question: Icy Sled Track Near St Moritz In The Swiss Alps
Solution: Cresta run

Question: Leftover Quantity
Solution: Remainder

Question: Muscular Disease Causing Weakening Of Muscles
Solution: Dystrophy

Question: Succession From Guru To Disciple In Hinduism
Solution: Paramguru

Question: The David Bowie Song Recorded In 1972
Solution: Jean genie

Question: Ukranian Boxing Brothers Vitali And Wladimir
Solution: Klitschko

Question: Variety Of Pyrope Raspberry Colored Gemstone
Solution: Rhodolite

Question: Dior Makers Of The Jadore Eau De Parfum
Solution: Christian

Question: Of Life US Movie With Lana Turner
Solution: Imitation

Question: Snake Eel Has A Red Head And Lower Jaw
Solution: Crocodile

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