Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Attractive Winsome Charming
Solution: Engaging

Question: Benedict Patron Saint Of Europe
Solution: Of nursia

Question: Flip Flaps Are Handsprings Done On The Ground
Solution: Backward

Question: Home To Everglades Has This Nickname State
Solution: Sunshine

Question: Hugely Popular Frozen Dessert
Solution: Ice cream

Question: It Protects From The Rain Bad Luck To Open Inside
Solution: Umbrella

Question: Material Used In Breast Implants
Solution: Silicone

Question: Nations Armed Forces
Solution: Military

Question: Really Fond Of Reading And Studying
Solution: Bookworm

Question: Second Airport In Rome With The Code CIA
Solution: Ciampino

Question: Smokey Robinson 1970 Hit The Tears
Solution: Of a clown

Question: Soaking Tea In Water
Solution: Steeping

Question: The E In LED
Solution: Emitting

Question: The Fairest Rose Is At Last
Solution: Withered

Question: To Mix With A Spoon
Solution: Stirring

Question: United Arab Capital Abu Dhabi Is Vastly Rich
Solution: Emirates

Question: Vampire Werewolf From Slavic Mythology
Solution: Vukodlak

Question: Committee Chinese Government Legislative Body
Solution: Standing

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