Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 185 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Food For Means Is Requires Consideration
Solution: Thought

Question: A Municipality In The Northeast Of The Netherlands
Solution: De marne

Question: A Police Search To Find A Criminal
Solution: Manhunt

Question: A Varved Can Be Found In Non Glacial Lakes
Solution: Deposit

Question: Arabic Math Creation From 9th Century Syria
Solution: Algebra

Question: Area In A Plane Where A Pilot Sits
Solution: Cockpit

Question: Area In The Plane Where Pilot Sits And Commands
Solution: Cockpit

Question: Brightest Star In The Constellation Of Leo
Solution: Regulus

Question: Capricorn And Aquarius Are Usually In This Month
Solution: January

Question: Cranial Safety Piece For Construction Site
Solution: Hard hat

Question: Customer Where Clients Go For Answers
Solution: Service

Question: Far From The Crowd Thomas Hardy Classic Novel
Solution: Madding

Question: Feelings Of Fear That Cause Problems In The Body
Solution: Anxiety

Question: First Book Of The Old Testament
Solution: Genesis

Question: Give A Man Enough Rope And He Will Hang
Solution: Himself

Question: Indefinitely Many Very Numerous
Solution: Umpteen

Question: Jane Third Of Henry VIIIs Six Brides
Solution: Seymour

Question: Large Seismic Ocean Wave Causes Great Destruction
Solution: Tsunami

Question: Layered Pastry Often Made With Apples
Solution: Strudel

Question: Leisure Interests
Solution: Hobbies

Question: Live Musical Performance Orchestra Or Rock
Solution: Concert

Question: Metal Fusers
Solution: Welders

Question: Newly Enlisted Drafted Member Of The Military
Solution: Recruit

Question: Organized Search To Find A Criminal
Solution: Manhunt

Question: Pablo Guernica Artist
Solution: Picasso

Question: Pablo Spanish Artist Who Painted Guernica
Solution: Picasso

Question: Payment Received In Retirement
Solution: Pension

Question: Right In The Middle Of Everything
Solution: Central

Question: Robert The Sundance Kid
Solution: Redford

Question: Someone Following The Realization Of A Personal Deity
Solution: Sadhaka

Question: The Lady Of Tennyson Poem About Camelot
Solution: Shalott

Question: The Web Is A Circus Skill Similar To Corde Lisse
Solution: Spanish

Question: The Son Of The Wish
Solution: Thought

Question: Two Equilateral Triangles Joined At Their Bases
Solution: Rhombus

Question: Two Isosceles Triangles Joined At Their Bases
Solution: Rhombus

Question: Wicket And Stump Game Huge In India
Solution: Cricket

Question: Yellow Peasant Revolt In Han Dynasty China
Solution: Turbans

Question: Bulldogs Have Muscular Build And A Wrinkled Face
Solution: English

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