Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 184 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Across The Lennon Song On Let It Be
Solution: Universe

Question: Defenders Who Save People
Solution: Rescuers

Question: Defenders Saviors
Solution: Rescuers

Question: Disease Outbreak Caused By Pigs
Solution: Swine flu

Question: Famished
Solution: Ravenous

Question: First Name Of Dali
Solution: Salvador

Question: Fit And Sporty
Solution: Athletic

Question: French Dept Capital Is Versailles
Solution: Yvelines

Question: French Orator Constituent Assembly President
Solution: Mirabeau

Question: French Perfume Brand Maker Of Shalimar
Solution: Guerlain

Question: Highway You Pay To Use
Solution: Toll road

Question: Kickboxing And Striking Martial Art From Thailand
Solution: Muay thai

Question: Leader Of The Pirate Haven Of New Providence
Solution: Jennings

Question: Mythical Women With Fish Tails
Solution: Mermaids

Question: Optical Eyes Perception Not Reality
Solution: Illusion

Question: Priest Who Translated The Vulgate In The 4th C
Solution: St jerome

Question: Shaved Flavored Ice Dessert Summer Treat
Solution: Snow cone

Question: Sherlock Holmes Nemesis
Solution: Moriarty

Question: Shops In An Airport Where Goods Are Tax Exempt
Solution: Duty free

Question: The Invisible Woman From The Fantastic Four
Solution: Sue storm

Question: The Power To Make Use Of As One Chooses
Solution: Disposal

Question: Tina Feys 30 Rock Character
Solution: Liz lemon

Question: Tough Tissue That Connects Bones
Solution: Ligament

Question: Weather Prognostication
Solution: Forecast

Question: Can Spouted Container For Thirsty Plants
Solution: Watering

Question: Societies Lend Funds For Mortgages
Solution: Building

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