Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 184 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Move In A Board Game To Gain An Opponents Piece
Solution: Capture

Question: African Country Became An Italian Colony In 1890
Solution: Eritrea

Question: American Printmakers And Ives
Solution: Currier

Question: Angelica Is The Bossy Spoiled Rugrat
Solution: Pickles

Question: Born Congenital
Solution: Natural

Question: Copy Duplicate Fake
Solution: Forgery

Question: Diffusion Through Semi Permeable Membranes
Solution: Osmosis

Question: English Channel Tunnel
Solution: Chunnel

Question: French Pastry Thick Enriched Bread
Solution: Brioche

Question: Influenza Caused By Viruses Adapted To Poultry
Solution: Bird flu

Question: Japans Smallest Main Island Linked To Honshu
Solution: Shikoku

Question: Large Destructive Ocean Wave
Solution: Tsunami

Question: Missionary Given An Epistle By St Paul
Solution: St titus

Question: Opening For Ventilation In A Closed Space
Solution: Airhole

Question: Penny Wise Pound
Solution: Foolish

Question: Room Where Babies Sleep Play Or Get Educated
Solution: Nursery

Question: Rowing Pretend To Row A Boat On This At Gym
Solution: Machine

Question: Small Slender Antelope With Curved Horns
Solution: Gazelle

Question: Stop Or Transfer Time Between Flights
Solution: Layover

Question: Stop Or Transfer Time In The Middle Of A Journey
Solution: Layover

Question: Subatomic Particle With No Electric Charge
Solution: Neutron

Question: The Baltic States Are Latvia Lithuania And
Solution: Estonia

Question: The Chairman Of The Board Frank
Solution: Sinatra

Question: Theres No Time Like This
Solution: Present

Question: Ultimate Authority In Any Soccer Match
Solution: Referee

Question: Violent Riots Aimed At A Particular Religious Group
Solution: Pogroms

Question: Warrior Goddess From Syria
Solution: Astarte

Question: Wuthering 1939 Film Based On Brontes Novel
Solution: Heights

Question: Duncan American Dancer Strangled By Her Scarf
Solution: Isadora

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