Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 184 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Mean Loosely Twisted Tapestry Yarn Or Fabric
Solution: Crewel

Question: Also Known As Pugilism
Solution: Boxing

Question: An Coral Has A Resemblance With A Deer
Solution: Antler

Question: An Coral Resembles A Deer
Solution: Antler

Question: Belly Feature That Comes In Innies And Outies
Solution: Button

Question: Crossed With A Hammer On Chinas Communist Flag
Solution: Sickle

Question: Egyptian Cow Goddess Linked To Fertility
Solution: Hathor

Question: English Translation Of The Spanish Word Hermana
Solution: Sister

Question: Flying Fish Roe At A Sushi Restaurant
Solution: Tobiko

Question: Going Psychotic Episode Public Service
Solution: Postal

Question: Indian Motorcycle For Ladies And Girls
Solution: Scooty

Question: Italian Uni Often Named Silicon Valley Of The Alps
Solution: Trento

Question: Melted Cheese Dip Favorite Of 70s Dinner Parties
Solution: Fondue

Question: Melted Cheese Dip Seen At Many 70s Dinner Parties
Solution: Fondue

Question: Pixels Described Bitmap
Solution: Raster

Question: Sheena Sang Bond Theme For Your Eyes Only
Solution: Easton

Question: Sleep Fantasies
Solution: Dreams

Question: The Cometh Eugene ONeill Play
Solution: Iceman

Question: The Only Continent In All Hemispheres
Solution: Africa

Question: To Anger Or Upset Someone With Words Or Actions
Solution: Offend

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