Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Stitch In Time Does This
Solution: Saves nine

Question: Biker Facial Hair Goatee Minus Goat Patch
Solution: Horseshoe

Question: Biker Moustache Goatee Minus Goat Patch
Solution: Horseshoe

Question: Childish Expression For Standing On Pointed Feet
Solution: Tippy toes

Question: Comes At The End Of The Joke Worth Waiting For
Solution: Punchline

Question: Currency Of Swaziland
Solution: Lilangeni

Question: Director Of Horror Films Like The Birds And Psycho
Solution: Hitchcock

Question: Dutch Province With Protected North Sea Islands
Solution: Friesland

Question: Extremists Activists
Solution: Militants

Question: Flour Based Food Flavored With Alcohol Drink
Solution: Beer bread

Question: Grumpiest
Solution: Crankiest

Question: Holy Sharing Of Bread And Wine In Churches
Solution: Communion

Question: Horror Mastermind Of Birds Psycho
Solution: Hitchcock

Question: Judicial Academy Started Beirut In The 2nd Century
Solution: Law school

Question: Musical Instrument Similar To The African Marimba
Solution: Xylophone

Question: Physical Sports Games And Exercises
Solution: Athletics

Question: Stores Sale When Everything Must Go
Solution: Clearance

Question: The Renoir Painting Of Rain Shields
Solution: Umbrellas

Question: The Rotating Parts Of A Revolver
Solution: Cylinders

Question: UK Science Fiction Short Stories By Eric F Russell
Solution: Deep space

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