Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Yellowish Brown Pollen Mixture By Bees As Food
Solution: Beebread

Question: Another Name For A Ghost
Solution: Revenant

Question: Board Game Played On A Chessboard With Discs
Solution: Checkers

Question: Building Where French Revolution Took Place
Solution: Bastille

Question: Center Of A Target
Solution: Bullseye

Question: Clint World Wide Known US Actor And Director
Solution: Eastwood

Question: Common Household Fuel Used In Oil Lamps
Solution: Kerosene

Question: Dramatis Or A List Of Characters In A Play
Solution: Personae

Question: Dutch Site Of The International Criminal Court
Solution: The hague

Question: First Spring Flower Sounds Like Wintertime
Solution: Snowdrop

Question: Flame Military Weapons That Shoot Fire
Solution: Throwers

Question: Half Man Half Bull Son Of The King Of Crete
Solution: Minotaur

Question: Inflammation Of The Nose
Solution: Rhinitis

Question: Madonna Botticelli Painting
Solution: And child

Question: Middle Of A Target
Solution: Bullseye

Question: Obsolete Antiquated
Solution: Outdated

Question: One Of The Twelve Apostles
Solution: Disciple

Question: One Who Consecrates With Oil
Solution: Anointer

Question: Pole Vault Requires Jumping With A Pole
Solution: Flexible

Question: Prosodic Foot Consisting Of Four Syllables
Solution: Choriamb

Question: Someone Who Works With Sheets Of Metal
Solution: Tinsmith

Question: Spanish Philosopher Also Known As Ibn Rushd
Solution: Averroes

Question: Starchy Vegetables Edible Tubers Mashed
Solution: Potatoes

Question: The Muswell Hillbillies Led By A Knighted Singer
Solution: The kinks

Question: Tiny Frayed Threads From Raw Seam Edges
Solution: Whiskers

Question: Trans Orchestra Rock Christmas Cover Band
Solution: Siberian

Question: What Laughter Serves As Best
Solution: Medicine

Question: And Tobago Are Located In The Lesser Antilles
Solution: Trinidad

Question: Gown Medical Apparel
Solution: Hospital

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