Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 183 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: A Deutsche Mark Was Made Up Of 100
Solution: Pfennig

Question: A Spike As On A Hedgehog
Solution: Prickle

Question: Action Taken To Achieve A Particular Purpose
Solution: Measure

Question: Bovine That Gives Its Name To Mozzarella
Solution: Buffalo

Question: Chemical Element Also Known As Quicksilver
Solution: Mercury

Question: Fleet Of Warships Historical Term
Solution: Armadas

Question: Greek Sea Named After Mythical Hero
Solution: Myrtoan

Question: Halloween Apparel Monsters Ghosts Princess
Solution: Costume

Question: Idle Incessant Chatter
Solution: Prattle

Question: Indoor Caretaker And Cleaner
Solution: Janitor

Question: Lowering The Temperature
Solution: Cooling

Question: Part Of A Rocket That Gives Extra Acceleration
Solution: Booster

Question: Phyllosilicate Mineral Within The Mica Group
Solution: Biotite

Question: Scapegoats
Solution: Patsies

Question: Shellfish Eaten When Theres An R In The Month
Solution: Oysters

Question: Shirt Or Dress Without Sleeves
Solution: Armless

Question: Small But Strongly Flavored Fish
Solution: Anchovy

Question: Theologian And Missionary Brother Of St Methodius
Solution: St cyril

Question: To Inhale And Exhale Through The Lungs
Solution: Breathe

Question: Unconventional Eccentric
Solution: Offbeat

Question: Union Major US Rail Company
Solution: Pacific

Question: Unlucky Events Setbacks
Solution: Mishaps

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