Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Addicted 1985 Hit For Robert Palmer
Solution: To love

Question: Astrological Bull Ford Car Model
Solution: Taurus

Question: Author Of I Robot Isaac
Solution: Asimov

Question: Bible Book Of Sacred Hymns Ascribed To King David
Solution: Psalms

Question: Curved Blade Favored By The Grim Reaper
Solution: Scythe

Question: Dreamy Or Vague As If Drugged
Solution: Spacey

Question: Fish Best Known For Its Spawning Practice
Solution: Salmon

Question: Instrument Played By Elvis
Solution: Guitar

Question: Islamic Law From Quran And Hadith
Solution: Sharia

Question: Largest Natural Satellite Of Neptune
Solution: Triton

Question: Last Day Of The Working Week
Solution: Friday

Question: Lucky Keepsakes
Solution: Charms

Question: Pastis Pomegranate Cocktail From France
Solution: Tomate

Question: Populus Trees That Tremble
Solution: Aspens

Question: Refuses With Contempt
Solution: Spurns

Question: Style Of Furniture Named After US Religious Sect
Solution: Shaker

Question: These Fruit Were Made For Climbing
Solution: Apples

Question: To Catch Fire
Solution: Ignite

Question: To Subject To Fire Or Intense Heat
Solution: Ignite

Question: Africanus Roman Who Won The Battle Of Zama
Solution: Scipio

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