Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 182 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Ape With Much Longer Arms Than A Gorilla
Solution: Orangutan

Question: Brussels Bread Rolls Small And Round
Solution: Pistolets

Question: Capital Of Burundi
Solution: Bujumbura

Question: Colorful Big Eyed Bugs Named After Fire Breather
Solution: Dragonfly

Question: Emergency Vehicle Equipped To Treat People
Solution: Ambulance

Question: False Stick On Hairs For Eyes
Solution: Eyelashes

Question: Female Patron Of Musicians
Solution: St cecilia

Question: Flat Land Subject To Overflow By Salt Water
Solution: Salt marsh

Question: Former Capital Of Burundi
Solution: Bujumbura

Question: It Is A Homage That Vice Pays To Virtue
Solution: Hypocrisy

Question: Italian Chemist And Writer Of If This Is A Man
Solution: Primo levi

Question: Language Derived From Old Norse
Solution: Norwegian

Question: Pocahontas Saved His Life From Powhatan
Solution: John smith

Question: The Moon Is A Natural One
Solution: Satellite

Question: Theyll Keep You Dry During Storms
Solution: Raincoats

Question: Wrestling Type That Has Mens And Womens Events
Solution: Freestyle

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