Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 181 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: Country Where The Negev Desert Is Located
Solution: Israel

Question: Egyptian Creature That Poses Unsolvable Riddles
Solution: Sphinx

Question: First D In The Financial Acronym DD Debit
Solution: Direct

Question: First Feature Film In Native American Language
Solution: Eskimo

Question: Francisco Ruled Spain From The 30s To The 70s
Solution: Franco

Question: Garth Top Selling Solo Artist Of All Time
Solution: Brooks

Question: Garth Top Selling Solo Country Music Artist
Solution: Brooks

Question: Goods Shipped To Your Country From Another
Solution: Import

Question: It Makes Sense
Solution: Adds up

Question: Japans Third Biggest Island
Solution: Kyushu

Question: Jewish Baked Good Cut In Diamond Shapes
Solution: Kichel

Question: Lessen The Impact Of Something
Solution: Buffer

Question: Rowan Atkinsons Awkward Suit Wearing Character
Solution: Mr bean

Question: Search Engine Jargon Term For Internet Search
Solution: Google

Question: Teacher Of All Saints Title For Sufi Teachers
Solution: Khwaja

Question: The File Thriller By Frederick Forsyth
Solution: Odessa

Question: The Most Secure
Solution: Safest

Question: To Attempt To Counterbalance Carbon Footprint
Solution: Offset

Question: When Water Is Solid
Solution: Frozen

Question: White Kidney Shaped Nut Thats Actually A Fruit
Solution: Cashew

Question: Hughes DiCaprios Character In The Aviator
Solution: Howard

Question: Mache Soggy Newspaper And Glue Dries Hard
Solution: Papier

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