Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 181 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1983 James Bonds Film With Marine Related Title
Solution: Octopussy

Question: 1st Day Of Lent As Observed In The US Ash
Solution: Wednesday

Question: A Little Of It Is A Dangerous Thing
Solution: Knowledge

Question: Alfred British Director
Solution: Hitchcock

Question: Alfred British Director The Master Of Suspense
Solution: Hitchcock

Question: Athenian Citadel Including The Parthenon
Solution: Acropolis

Question: Blue Is A Native Sea Chub From Australia
Solution: Knifefish

Question: British Butler Search Engine
Solution: Askjeeves

Question: Censoring Obscuring Editing
Solution: Redacting

Question: Emissary Of Rabbis Charity Collector
Solution: Meshulach

Question: For Those Passionate About Archery
Solution: Toxophily

Question: Individual Bones Protecting The Spinal Cord
Solution: Vertebrae

Question: Knife With A Detachable Self Propelled Blade
Solution: Ballistic

Question: Not Physically Active
Solution: Sedentary

Question: Old Term For A Clerk A La Melvilles Bartleby
Solution: Scrivener

Question: Originally From Latin It Means In Disguise
Solution: Incognito

Question: Pain In The Tummy Or To Moan Continuously
Solution: Bellyache

Question: Rich Tuscan Bread With Rosemary And Raisins
Solution: Panmarino

Question: South China City Once Known As Canton
Solution: Guangzhou

Question: Synonym Reference Book
Solution: Thesaurus

Question: Who On His Deathbed Said I Shall Hear In Heaven
Solution: Beethoven

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