Codycross Ancient Egypt Group 181 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Ancient Egypt

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Codycross Ancient Egypt Answers

Question: 1985 European Treaty To Remove Border Controls
Solution: Schengen

Question: A Protective Head Piece Often Worn By Pirates
Solution: Eye patch

Question: A Worm Shaped Pouch Attached To The Intestine
Solution: Appendix

Question: An Razor Has A Rotating Or Oscillating Blade
Solution: Electric

Question: Car Mirror Allows Driver To See Behind Him Her
Solution: Rear view

Question: Clark Kent Turns Into Him
Solution: Superman

Question: Clark Kent Turns Into This Hero
Solution: Superman

Question: Cold Purposely Ignoring Someone
Solution: Shoulder

Question: Moving In A Circle Dancing With Hips Circling
Solution: Gyrating

Question: Philadelphia Play At Citizens Bank Park
Solution: Phillies

Question: Qin The First Emperor Of Unified China
Solution: Shi huang

Question: Small Orange Summer Fruits With Huge Seed In Middle
Solution: Apricots

Question: Sport Only Debuted In The Summer Olympics Of 1936
Solution: Handball

Question: Strong Coffee Typically Served In A Small Cup
Solution: Espresso

Question: The Science And Study Of Joining Or Fastening
Solution: Zygology

Question: Of Rhodes One Of The Seven Wonders Ancient
Solution: Colossus

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