Codycross Under the sea Group 29 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Under the sea

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Codycross Under the sea Answers

Question: 2015 James Bond Star Craig
Solution: Daniel

Question: A Small Handgun
Solution: Pistol

Question: Act Of Pleading To A Deity In A Word Or Thought
Solution: Prayer

Question: Artist Whose Work Features Geometric Shapes
Solution: Cubist

Question: Bright Bird Usually Yellow Or Orange With Black
Solution: Oriole

Question: Casts Protect Bones
Solution: Broken

Question: Comes From A Greek Word Meaning Choice
Solution: Heresy

Question: German City Divided By A Wall During The Cold War
Solution: Berlin

Question: Group Of Seven Players
Solution: Septet

Question: Handgun With Only One Chamber
Solution: Pistol

Question: Moveable Symbol To Show Where Pointer Is
Solution: Cursor

Question: Music Festival Performance Areas
Solution: Stages

Question: Plural Of Leaf Pile Of Them Off A Tree
Solution: Leaves

Question: Ren And Loved Toilet Humor And Craziness
Solution: Stimpy

Question: Sacramento Is Capital Of The State
Solution: Golden

Question: The Loudness Of Music On A Device
Solution: Volume

Question: To Actively Not Notice Someone Or Something
Solution: Ignore

Question: To Hear What Someone Is Saying Attentively
Solution: Listen

Question: Usual Narrator In Sherlock Holmes Stories Dr
Solution: Watson

Question: Water Appliance That Makes Warm Showers Possible
Solution: Heater

Question: Dodger Oliver Twist Pickpocketer
Solution: Artful

Question: Island South African Prison That Held Mandela
Solution: Robben

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