Codycross Trip to Spain Group 860 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Another Term For The Christmas Season
Solution: Yuletide

Question: Flamboyant Music Style Of The 1970s
Solution: Glam rock

Question: Flying Legendary Ghost Ship That Never Docks
Solution: Dutchman

Question: Founder Of Neoplasticism Dutch Painter Piet
Solution: Mondrian

Question: Frank Woolworths Middle Name Used In The Business
Solution: Winfield

Question: In Flight Carried By The Breeze
Solution: Airborne

Question: Martin Sheen And Sissy Spaceks Reign Of Terror
Solution: Badlands

Question: Perfecting Something Over Time With Practice
Solution: Refining

Question: Residence Of The Dukes Of Marlborough Palace
Solution: Blenheim

Question: Scottish City Sometimes Called Granite City
Solution: Aberdeen

Question: Second Hunger Games Book Fire
Solution: Catching

Question: South African PM Assassinated In 1966
Solution: Verwoerd

Question: The World Wide Web
Solution: Internet

Question: The Science Of Growing Apples Or Other Fruits
Solution: Pomology

Question: This Young Animal Is Known As A Kid
Solution: Baby goat

Question: Top These Brown Spice Rolls With Gooey Frosting
Solution: Cinnamon

Question: Walk Up Price Of A Hotel Room No Discounts
Solution: Rack rate

Question: Washing Or Rinsing Out Water From Ones Mouth
Solution: Swilling

Question: Wide Flat Back Muscles On The Back And Under Arms
Solution: Laterals

Question: Ring Irish Jewelry With Clasping Hands Motif
Solution: Claddagh

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