Codycross Trip to Spain Group 858 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: 2013 Movie With Clooney And Bullock In Space
Solution: Gravity

Question: A Cone Bearing Evergreen Tree Like Pine And Fir
Solution: Conifer

Question: Ancient Stringed Plucked Instrument
Solution: Psaltry

Question: Attendees Should Stay Out Of This And Follow Rules
Solution: Trouble

Question: Bar Entertainment Where You Sing To Recorded Music
Solution: Karaoke

Question: Berlin Site Of The Final Solution Conference
Solution: Wannsee

Question: Capital Of Libya
Solution: Tripoli

Question: Child Genius
Solution: Prodigy

Question: Day Trips For Schoolchildren Or Tourists
Solution: Outings

Question: Disney Teen With Psychic Powers Thats
Solution: So raven

Question: Eating Utensils Called Flatware By Americans
Solution: Cutlery

Question: Glare At Someone From An Angle Give Them
Solution: Side eye

Question: Green Dried Herb Often Sprinkled On Top Of Pizza
Solution: Oregano

Question: It Is The Westernmost Locality Of Berlin
Solution: Wannsee

Question: Nursed Fed
Solution: Suckled

Question: Old Fashioned Beer Vessel Made Of Metal
Solution: Tankard

Question: One Who Deceives With Their Card Hand
Solution: Bluffer

Question: Organs That Filter Ones Blood
Solution: Kidneys

Question: Pest Service That Exterminates Vermin
Solution: Control

Question: Player Of The Lowest Brass Instrument
Solution: Tubaist

Question: Relating To Or Containing Iron
Solution: Ferrous

Question: Renowned Abstract Artist Who Painted Guernica
Solution: Picasso

Question: Row Of Buttons At The Top Of Internet Browsers
Solution: Toolbar

Question: Russian Sport Of Throwing A Bat At Skittle Pins
Solution: Gorodki

Question: Singer Named Manson Actress Named Monroe
Solution: Marilyn

Question: Small Shiny Discs Sewn Onto Clothing For Sparkle
Solution: Sequins

Question: Sounds Of Words And Letters
Solution: Phonics

Question: Steampunk Characters Often Use This Eyewear
Solution: Goggles

Question: Time When A Teens Body Matures
Solution: Puberty

Question: Word Formed From Initials Scuba Nasa Unicef
Solution: Acronym

Question: Palace Paxtons Famous Glasshouse In SE London
Solution: Crystal

Question: Spencer Oscar Winner For Her Role In The Help
Solution: Octavia

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