Codycross Trip to Spain Group 856 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: 1968 Album By Simon Garfunkel For The Literati
Solution: Bookends

Question: Cafe Strong Spanish Coffee With Steamed Milk
Solution: Con leche

Question: Curved Strap To Hold Hair Off The Face
Solution: Headband

Question: Disease Causing Bacteria Or Virus
Solution: Pathogen

Question: Flag Carrier Airline Of Italy
Solution: Alitalia

Question: Fortified Palace Complex In Granada Spain
Solution: Alhambra

Question: Hindu Mythological Evil Spirit
Solution: Rakshasa

Question: Inflated Rubber Orb For Stretches Or Sitting
Solution: Yoga ball

Question: Leading Edge Of A Developing Territory Settlement
Solution: Frontier

Question: Manual For Learning Magic Spells
Solution: Grimoire

Question: Narnia Dwarf Who Says Whistles And Whirligigs
Solution: Trumpkin

Question: Nationality Of Mother Teresa At Birth
Solution: Albanian

Question: Nicholas Sparks Novel Turned Movie In 2004 The
Solution: Notebook

Question: Non Warring A Believer In Peaceful Resolution
Solution: Pacifist

Question: Opulence And Sumptuousness
Solution: Lushness

Question: Painting Of Someones Face
Solution: Portrait

Question: Radio Comedy With Sellers Secombe Milligan
Solution: Goon show

Question: Girl Statue That Stared Down The Charging Bull
Solution: Fearless

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