Codycross Trip to Spain Group 856 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Dark Vinegar Of Modena
Solution: Balsamic

Question: Evening London Newspaper Since 1827
Solution: Standard

Question: Greek Muse Of Eloquence And Epic Poetry
Solution: Calliope

Question: Irrevocable Agreement
Solution: Done deal

Question: Nocturnal Rodent That Hibernates For Long Periods
Solution: Dormouse

Question: Official Declaration Of Love And Marriage
Solution: Proposal

Question: Portable Baggage To Pack For An Overnight Stay
Solution: Suitcase

Question: Purple Satchel Friend Of Dora The Explorer
Solution: Backpack

Question: The First Lady Of Argentina From 1946 To 1952
Solution: Eva peron

Question: Verifying Putting Bags In At An Airport
Solution: Checking

Question: Vocalist And Pianist Stevie Wonders First Name
Solution: Stevland

Question: Without A Mate
Solution: Makeless

Question: Vinegar Of Modena
Solution: Balsamic

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