Codycross Trip to Spain Group 855 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Art And Craftsmanship Of Carpentry
Solution: Woodwork

Question: Baked Treat For Pooh Also Nickname For A Lover
Solution: Honeybun

Question: Capital Of French Island Of Saint Barthelemy
Solution: Gustavia

Question: City Of Leofric And Lady Godiva
Solution: Coventry

Question: Cooler Patches On The Solar Surface
Solution: Sunspots

Question: Crowing Cockerels Who Sing Cock A Doodle
Solution: Roosters

Question: Dense Shrubbery And Bushes
Solution: Thickets

Question: Focus On Strength Not This
Solution: Weakness

Question: French Cows Milk Cheese
Solution: Vacherin

Question: Hugh Vocalist Of The Stranglers
Solution: Cornwell

Question: Kingdom Of The Two Political Entity 1816 60
Solution: Sicilies

Question: Kitchen Floor Covering Made From Solid Linseed Oil
Solution: Linoleum

Question: Knee Jerk Involuntary Actions
Solution: Reflexes

Question: Oscar Winning Screenwriter For Forrest Gump
Solution: Eric roth

Question: Roomy And Open
Solution: Spacious

Question: Runners Go The
Solution: Distance

Question: The Baseball Player Who Married Marilyn Monroe
Solution: Dimaggio

Question: The Destruction Of The World In Norse Mythology
Solution: Ragnarok

Question: Where Everybody Goes To Catch Planes
Solution: Airports

Question: Article The Not Uncertain Part Of Speech
Solution: Definite

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