Codycross Trip to Spain Group 854 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Confection Made From Ground Almonds And Sugar
Solution: Marzipan

Question: A Large Airship English Rock Band Led
Solution: Zeppelin

Question: A Scientific Term For Any Singular Substance
Solution: Chemical

Question: A System Of Morals And Spiritual Beliefs
Solution: Religion

Question: Air Deflectors On The Back Of Racing Cars
Solution: Spoilers

Question: Aragonese City And Province Once Called Saragossa
Solution: Zaragoza

Question: Dance Style For Which Celina Zambon Is Known
Solution: Flamenco

Question: Disorderly Frantic Rush Rhyming
Solution: Pell mell

Question: French City That Shares An Airport With Basel
Solution: Mulhouse

Question: Japanese Rail Hub To Be Avoided During Rush Hour
Solution: Shinjuku

Question: Kidney Treatment To Remove Uric Acid
Solution: Dialysis

Question: Large Flat Marine Creature With A Barb
Solution: Stingray

Question: Len Writer Of Spy Books With Hero Harry Palmer
Solution: Deighton

Question: Lewis 12th Century Gaming Pieces
Solution: Chessmen

Question: Michelle Pfeiffer And Halle Berry Superhero
Solution: Catwoman

Question: Motivated Fired Up Raved Gushed
Solution: Enthused

Question: Piazza Venue Of Sienas Palio Horse Races
Solution: Del campo

Question: Players Autograph On Baseball In The Sandlot
Solution: Babe ruth

Question: The Part Of The Forehead Between The Eyebrows
Solution: Glabella

Question: Type Of Meat In The Finnish Dish Poronkaristys
Solution: Reindeer

Question: Victorians Wore Black Clothing To Signify This
Solution: Mourning

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