Codycross Trip to Spain Group 852 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Animated Dog Originally Named Happy Hound
Solution: Droopy

Question: Bite Noisily Into A Carrot
Solution: Crunch

Question: Bright Blue Hue From A Metal Chemical Element
Solution: Cobalt

Question: Chris The Last British Governor Of Hong Kong
Solution: Patten

Question: Dentists Scrape Plaque And This Off Dirty Teeth
Solution: Tartar

Question: Display Cases For Novelties
Solution: Curios

Question: Doctors People Trained To Administer First Aid
Solution: Medics

Question: Elephants Have Them So Do Old Timey Tourists
Solution: Trunks

Question: FC Popular Dutch Football Club From Enschede
Solution: Twente

Question: Gary Piloted A Spy Plane Over The Soviet Union
Solution: Powers

Question: German Lyric Poet Of The Dance Of Death
Solution: Goethe

Question: Grace Kelly Became This Countrys Princess In 1956
Solution: Monaco

Question: He Sat At A Round Table In Arthurs Court
Solution: Knight

Question: Japanese Raccoon Dog
Solution: Tanuki

Question: Katherine Dancer And Choreographer
Solution: Dunham

Question: Lake The Worlds Deepest Freshwater Lake
Solution: Baikal

Question: Michael Most Decorated Olympian Of All Time
Solution: Phelps

Question: Mystery Solved The Did It
Solution: Butler

Question: Old Fashioned Term For Carriage House Or Cart Shed
Solution: Remise

Question: P T Who Started A Circus
Solution: Barnum

Question: Rare And Unusual Objects That Are Collected
Solution: Curios

Question: Sculpture Such As David
Solution: Statue

Question: The Runaways Sang First About This Fruit Bomb
Solution: Cherry

Question: The King Steve McQueen In The Great Escape
Solution: Cooler

Question: When People Visit Other Countries They Go There
Solution: Abroad

Question: Write Untidily
Solution: Scrawl

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