Codycross Trip to Spain Group 850 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Newspaper Journalist Has To Write One
Solution: Article

Question: Bird Idiom Meaning To Admit You Were Wrong
Solution: Eat crow

Question: Body Security Screening Machine At An Airport
Solution: Scanner

Question: Celtic People Of Iron Age Britain
Solution: Britons

Question: Childhood Condition With Red Dots On Skin
Solution: Measles

Question: City Housing King Peter Of Castilles Royal Palace
Solution: Seville

Question: Cor Double Reed Woodwind Instrument
Solution: Anglais

Question: Device That Creates A Digital Copy Of An Image
Solution: Scanner

Question: Eat Food
Solution: Consume

Question: Fibrous Connective Tissue Joining Bone To Muscle
Solution: Tendons

Question: Financial Help To Save A Firm From Bankruptcy
Solution: Bailout

Question: Former Soviet State With Minsk As The Capital
Solution: Belarus

Question: Growled With Bared Teeth
Solution: Snarled

Question: Holy Warrior Class Of Dungeons Dragons
Solution: Paladin

Question: Journalists Have To Write This
Solution: Article

Question: Key Ingredient In Waterless Hand Cleansers
Solution: Alcohol

Question: Roman Name For French City Of Orleans
Solution: Cenabum

Question: Strung Implements That Tennis Players Use
Solution: Rackets

Question: The L In A BLT Sandwich
Solution: Lettuce

Question: They Control Gringotts In Harry Potter
Solution: Goblins

Question: This Peck Won An Oscar For His Atticus Finch Role
Solution: Gregory

Question: Tropical Tourist Draw Of Orchids Tree Ferns
Solution: Gardens

Question: Group Male Performers With Azure Skin Paint
Solution: Blue man

Question: Tower Of Pisa A Listing Building
Solution: Leaning

Question: It Improvising Doing Something On The Fly
Solution: Winging

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