Codycross Trip to Spain Group 847 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Christian Scene Of Jesus Birth In A Manger
Solution: Nativity

Question: Christmas Play Based On The Birth Of Jesus Christ
Solution: Nativity

Question: Commercial Companies For Global Plane Travel
Solution: Airlines

Question: Commercial Design Art Used For Advertising
Solution: Graphics

Question: Constructed Machines With Their Own Energy Source
Solution: Automata

Question: Dissolvable Cube That Freshens And Cleans Toilets
Solution: Rim block

Question: Extra High Mens Singing Voice
Solution: Falsetto

Question: First Name Of German Renaissance Painter Durer
Solution: Albrecht

Question: Foods Like Potatoes Breads Pastas
Solution: Starches

Question: Francois Key Figure In French New Wave Cinema
Solution: Truffaut

Question: French Perfume House Of Organza Amarige Ysatis
Solution: Givenchy

Question: Havoc Created By Cheeky Troublemakers
Solution: Mischief

Question: Herb Root Used To Treat Insomnia
Solution: Valerian

Question: Inside Out
Solution: Inverted

Question: Male Gymnasts Compete On These Bars
Solution: Parallel

Question: Members Of Cavalry Units Or Mounted Police
Solution: Troopers

Question: Music By Grieg In The Hall Of The King
Solution: Mountain

Question: Red Orange New Zealand Apple Variety
Solution: Braeburn

Question: Roman Name For French City Of Chartres
Solution: Autricum

Question: Science Of Obstetrics
Solution: Tokology

Question: Separated Into A Different Road
Solution: Diverged

Question: Shakespearean Wizard From The Tempest
Solution: Prospero

Question: Song With A Specific Dance From Rocky Horror
Solution: Time warp

Question: Super Highway Passing Through Hamburg
Solution: Autobahn

Question: The Body Part Also Known As The Mesencephalon
Solution: Midbrain

Question: Under Dylan Thomass Play For Voices
Solution: Milk wood

Question: Walked Off In A Huff
Solution: Flounced

Question: When A Fallen Champion Returns They Make A
Solution: Comeback

Question: When Moon Pulls On Ocean Causes Water To Rise
Solution: High tide

Question: Cumberbatch Or Eggs
Solution: Benedict

Question: Things Popular Netflix Show Set In The 80s
Solution: Stranger

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