Codycross Trip to Spain Group 845 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Condition Causing The Yellowing Of The Skin
Solution: Jaundice

Question: A Global Multi Sports Event Held Every 4 Years
Solution: Olympics

Question: A Strainer For Draining Pasta Or Rinsing Food
Solution: Colander

Question: All Work And No Play Makes Jack
Solution: A dull boy

Question: Andean Cat Feline From South American Uplands
Solution: Mountain

Question: Automobile Based Vacation
Solution: Road trip

Question: Back Workout Of Bending Down To Grab A Barbell
Solution: Deadlift

Question: Beastie Boys Song That Saves The Day In Star Trek
Solution: Sabotage

Question: Ben Former US Federal Reserve Chair
Solution: Bernanke

Question: Berlin Opera Company Based Near Unter Den Linden
Solution: Komische

Question: Black Carbon From Burnt Wood Used To Draw
Solution: Charcoal

Question: Buddy Pines Alter Ego In The Incredibles
Solution: Syndrome

Question: David Livingstone 1855 Discovery Fallas
Solution: Victoria

Question: Deceptive Nonsense To Trick Or Cheat
Solution: Flimflam

Question: Former Roman Temple Built Under Augustus Rule
Solution: Pantheon

Question: Galen Of Dubbed The Father Of Medicine
Solution: Pergamon

Question: Having To Do With Funny Stories With Punchlines
Solution: Jokesome

Question: Issues Faced By Characters In A Storyline
Solution: Problems

Question: Month When Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving Day
Solution: November

Question: Ocean Invertebrate That Can Grow On Whales
Solution: Barnacle

Question: Public Warning Given By A Government Official
Solution: Advisory

Question: Sesame Seeds
Solution: Jinjilis

Question: Set Of Spiritual Beliefs
Solution: Religion

Question: Video Game Company Behind World Of Warcraft
Solution: Blizzard

Question: War Poem By John McCrae In Fields
Solution: Flanders

Question: What A DJ Is Doing With Their Records
Solution: Spinning

Question: What Doctors Are Doing To Patients In Hospitals
Solution: Treating

Question: And The Machine Band An Italian City
Solution: Florence

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