Codycross Trip to Spain Group 844 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Composed Musical Piece For A Full Orchestra
Solution: Symphony

Question: Ancient Astronomer And Timurid Sultan
Solution: Ulugh beg

Question: City In Spain Type Of Orange That Is Sweeter
Solution: Valencia

Question: Corncrake Eurasian Short Billed Rail Bird
Solution: Dakerhen

Question: Egyptian Bucketed Waterwheels
Solution: Sakiyehs

Question: Fried Circular Cakes With A Hole In The Middle
Solution: Doughnuts

Question: From The City Of Gondolas
Solution: Venetian

Question: Gorilla Voiced By Rami Malek In Dolittle
Solution: Chee chee

Question: Keyboard Function For WRITING LIKE THIS
Solution: Caps lock

Question: Medical Practice Of The Feet And Lower Limbs
Solution: Podiatry

Question: Most Visited Town In The Blue Mountains
Solution: Katoomba

Question: Person Who Talks Up A Show To Attract People
Solution: Pitch man

Question: Photo ID Required For International Travel
Solution: Passport

Question: Protagonist In Bewitched Married To Darrin
Solution: Samantha

Question: Purple Nintendo Console Released In 2001
Solution: Gamecube

Question: Reveal Eg A Plot Twist Or A Films Ending
Solution: Give away

Question: The Decade Of Dial Up Seinfeld And A Cloned Sheep
Solution: Nineties

Question: The Largest Land Mammal In The World
Solution: Elephant

Question: Tiny Organ Where Hair Comes Out
Solution: Follicle

Question: Traditional Stories Art Forms Of Other Cultures
Solution: Folklore

Question: Bees Super Pollinators Better Than Honey Bees
Solution: Solitary

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