Codycross Trip to Spain Group 844 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Kings Or A Vast Amount Of Money
Solution: Ransom

Question: A Sea Anchor Or A Small Parachute For Planes
Solution: Drogue

Question: Andy Voiced Capt Haddock In The Tintin Movie
Solution: Serkis

Question: Art Movement Pioneered By Picasso
Solution: Cubism

Question: Backspace On A Mac Keyboard
Solution: Delete

Question: Blue Monster On Sesame Street Who Loves Eating
Solution: Cookie

Question: Blue Illuminated Underwater Caves In Capri
Solution: Grotto

Question: Devices Such As A Monitor Speakers Etc
Solution: Output

Question: Exceedingly Talented In One Particular Area
Solution: Gifted

Question: Heroine Of The 1979 Film Alien Sigourney
Solution: Weaver

Question: Hurry Rush Speed Up
Solution: Hasten

Question: Martin Starred In Space 1999
Solution: Landau

Question: Medical Stitch To Close A Laceration
Solution: Suture

Question: Mirror And Cabinet Combination In A Bathroom
Solution: Vanity

Question: Native Spiritual Guide That Works With Energies
Solution: Shaman

Question: Occurs When Your Shin And Calf Muscles Strain
Solution: Splint

Question: Operation Military Deployment To NI 1969 2007
Solution: Banner

Question: Opposites Of Liabilities
Solution: Assets

Question: Rectangular Game Piece Knocked Over In Lines
Solution: Domino

Question: Refined Evening Do At Home
Solution: Soirée

Question: Scottish Author Who Was Canadas Governor General
Solution: Buchan

Question: Sisters Authors Of Wuthering Heights Jane Eyre
Solution: Bronte

Question: Spicy Condiment Often Served With Sushi
Solution: Wasabi

Question: Statue With Human Head Lion Body Eagle Wings
Solution: Sphinx

Question: Texan City Probable Home Of Margarita Cocktails
Solution: El paso

Question: Unit Of Angular Measure Roughly 573 Degrees
Solution: Radian

Question: What Butterflies Emerge From
Solution: Cocoon

Question: What Moths Emerge From
Solution: Cocoon

Question: Word Before Media Studies Security Distancing
Solution: Social

Question: You Ride In A Car But You Dont Drive Them
Solution: Trains

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