Codycross Trip to Spain Group 844 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: The Brave Little 80s Animated Kids Film
Solution: Toaster

Question: 1926 Preakness Stakes Winner
Solution: Display

Question: All Jukebox Musical Featuring Elvis Hits
Solution: Shook up

Question: Bright Shining Luminous
Solution: Radiant

Question: Chef Who Invented Caesar Salad Caesar
Solution: Cardini

Question: David 70s Partridge Family Heartthrob
Solution: Cassidy

Question: Famous American Escape Artist Of 20th Century
Solution: Houdini

Question: He Led The Spanish Conquest Of Peru
Solution: Pizarro

Question: Island Where The Resort Of Magaluf Is Located
Solution: Majorca

Question: Layer Hair With A Razor Like A Birds Plumage
Solution: Feather

Question: Lightweight Hooded Rain Jacket Packed Into A Bag
Solution: Cagoule

Question: Long Grained Rice Popular In Indian Cuisine
Solution: Basmati

Question: Motorcycle From Bikers In 1950s California
Solution: Chopper

Question: Mount Where Greek Gods Live
Solution: Olympus

Question: Old Manuscripts In The Form Of Books
Solution: Codices

Question: Philistine Fighter Defeated By Shepherd David
Solution: Goliath

Question: Roads For Planes
Solution: Runways

Question: Scientific Study Of The Structure Of The Body
Solution: Anatomy

Question: South American Nation With Government In La Paz
Solution: Bolivia

Question: Texan Senator 2016 Rep Presidential Nomination
Solution: Ted cruz

Question: Hall Sunday Times Crossword Editor Till 2010
Solution: Barbara

Question: Stone Irish Wall Bestowing Gift Of Eloquence
Solution: Blarney

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