Codycross Trip to Spain Group 843 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: A Bright Yellow Spice Containing Curcumin
Solution: Turmeric

Question: A Condition Caused By A Vitamin B 1 Deficiency
Solution: Beriberi

Question: A Creature From Harry Potter That Sucks Away Joy
Solution: Dementor

Question: A File Saved From The Internet
Solution: Download

Question: Billie And Willie Actor And Tory MP Respectively
Solution: Whitelaw

Question: Coastal City In Georgia USA Also A Girls Name
Solution: Savannah

Question: Debaucheries Profanities
Solution: Rakeries

Question: Document Necessary For International Travel
Solution: Passport

Question: Green Leafy Veg Like Cabbages And Kale
Solution: Collards

Question: High Value Poker Token Or Company On Stock Market
Solution: Blue chip

Question: Home Of El Capitan Cliff
Solution: Yosemite

Question: Kiss Me By None The Richer
Solution: Sixpence

Question: Known For His Theory Of Relativity
Solution: Einstein

Question: Partner To Beavis In Cult 90s Cartoon Show
Solution: Butt head

Question: Person Whose Broken The Law 1996 Fiona Apple Song
Solution: Criminal

Question: Pissarro Painted Landscape At
Solution: Pontoise

Question: Police Label For An Old And Unsolved Crime
Solution: Cold case

Question: The Blockage Of An Artery Obstructing Blood Flow
Solution: Embolism

Question: The Deadly Sin Involving Food Or Eating
Solution: Gluttony

Question: Thin Tissue That Connects Animal Or Plant Cells
Solution: Membrane

Question: Tranquil Calm
Solution: Peaceful

Question: Twelve Men Who Followed Jesus
Solution: Apostles

Question: The Mark Say Too Much Speak Out Of Turn
Solution: Overstep

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