Codycross Trip to Spain Group 843 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Its Cats And Dogs
Solution: Raining

Question: A User Of Twitter
Solution: Tweeter

Question: African American Cultural Festival In December
Solution: Kwanzaa

Question: Bird That Bursts Into Flames Before Being Reborn
Solution: Phoenix

Question: Blue Planet Named Like A God Of The Sea
Solution: Neptune

Question: Brightly Flashing Lights For Studio Photography
Solution: Strobes

Question: Deriding Making Fun Of
Solution: Mocking

Question: Distance Covered In Imperial Units
Solution: Mileage

Question: Epileptic Fit
Solution: Seizure

Question: F1 Venue
Solution: Circuit

Question: Garment Worn When Deep Sea Diving
Solution: Wetsuit

Question: Holds Lollipops To Guide A Pilot When Taxiing
Solution: Batsman

Question: Its Easier To Settle These When Theres A Will
Solution: Estates

Question: Its Capital Is Reykjavik
Solution: Iceland

Question: Loss Of Ability To Understand Or Produce Speech
Solution: Aphasia

Question: Mafia Gang Member
Solution: Mobster

Question: Movie Franchise The Fast And The
Solution: Furious

Question: Noah Who Was A Dictionary Editor
Solution: Webster

Question: Person Who Bargains On Price
Solution: Haggler

Question: Peter Paul And Mary Are Doing This On A Jet Plane
Solution: Leaving

Question: TVs Star Performing Dolphin
Solution: Flipper

Question: The Xbox Is This Type Of System
Solution: Console

Question: Young Green Soybeans Found At Sushi Restaurants
Solution: Edamame

Question: Zig Zag Pattern Often Found On Floors Walls
Solution: Chevron

Question: Roche Mother Of Princess Diana
Solution: Frances

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