Codycross Trip to Spain Group 842 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Basics Needed To Know How To Play An RPG
Solution: Core rules

Question: Bell Tower Of St Marks Basilica In Venice
Solution: Campanile

Question: Bodily System With Adrenal And Thyroid Glands
Solution: Endocrine

Question: Gang Lord Head Of A Mafia Family
Solution: Crime boss

Question: Kool The Gang Say Its All Right To Do This
Solution: Celebrate

Question: Layered Cake Custard Mixes Suffixed By Russes
Solution: Charlotte

Question: Longing For The Past
Solution: Nostalgia

Question: Looking Around A New Location
Solution: Exploring

Question: Medical Procedure For Men Who Dont Want Children
Solution: Vasectomy

Question: Moscow Piazza
Solution: Red square

Question: Not At The Proper Time Jumped The Queue
Solution: Out of turn

Question: Painting Using Melted Wax Mixed With Pigments
Solution: Encaustic

Question: Paris Hilton Amanda Hearst And Ally Hilfiger
Solution: Heiresses

Question: Pen That Rolls Ink Around A Metal Sphere
Solution: Ballpoint

Question: Procurement And Distribution Of Goods
Solution: Logistics

Question: Reference Book Of Synonyms
Solution: Thesaurus

Question: Said To Someone About To Embark On A Trip
Solution: Bon voyage

Question: Star Wars Planet Covered In Galactic City
Solution: Coruscant

Question: The Legumes Also Known As Chickpeas
Solution: Garbanzos

Question: Uneven Value That Cannot Be Divided By 2
Solution: Odd number

Question: What One Might Feel Seeing Their Old Picture Books
Solution: Nostalgia

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