Codycross Trip to Spain Group 841 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Trip to Spain

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Codycross Trip to Spain Answers

Question: Able To Speak A Foreign Language Like A Native
Solution: Fluent

Question: Artistic Dance Associated With Slippers Tutus
Solution: Ballet

Question: Award Given To Championship Teams
Solution: Trophy

Question: Code Language For Computers Written In 0s And 1s
Solution: Binary

Question: Detroit Rap Artist With A Film Called 8 Mile
Solution: Eminem

Question: F Scott Fitzgeralds 1925 Novel The Great
Solution: Gatsby

Question: Korean Dish Consisting Of Fermented Vegetables
Solution: Kimchi

Question: Large Span Of Grassland Used For Grazing Livestock
Solution: Meadow

Question: Planet With Rings Next To Jupiter
Solution: Saturn

Question: Tech Company Founded By Larry Ellison
Solution: Oracle

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