Codycross The 90s Group 1140 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers The 90s

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Codycross The 90s Answers

Question: Condensation Is When A Gas Becomes This
Solution: Liquid

Question: Deciduous Tree With Latin Name Adansonia
Solution: Baobab

Question: Dowdy Not Fashionable
Solution: Frumpy

Question: John All Of Me Piano Playing Singer Songwriter
Solution: Legend

Question: Jokey British Nickname For An Umbrella
Solution: Brolly

Question: Mixtures Made From Different Grades Of Coffee
Solution: Blends

Question: Monica And Ross Last Name In Friends
Solution: Geller

Question: Ocean Between Africa And Australia
Solution: Indian

Question: Organ That Helps Filter Blood
Solution: Spleen

Question: Racket Sport Gives Its Name To An Elbow Injury
Solution: Tennis

Question: Standard Not Out Of The Ordinary
Solution: Normal

Question: What A Seeker Has To Catch In A Game Of Quidditch
Solution: Snitch

Question: Eilish Joe Armstrong Holiday
Solution: Billie

Question: Forces Nations On The Same Side In WWII
Solution: Allied

Question: On The Mount Famous Teachings Of Jesus Christ
Solution: Sermon

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