Codycross The 90s Group 1138 Puzzle 1 Answers

Codycross Answers The 90s

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Codycross The 90s Answers

Question: Diane Morgan Stars In This Ricky Gervais Comedy
Solution: After life

Question: Edward Discoverer Of Gold In Australia
Solution: Hargraves

Question: Facial Hair With Handlebar And Dali Variations
Solution: Moustache

Question: Fitness Training With Jabs And Punches
Solution: Boxercise

Question: Independence Day Aliens Use This To Coordinate
Solution: Satellite

Question: Melody Sung By Hard Working Sailors
Solution: Sea shanty

Question: Millions Of These Birds Nest At Lake Nakuru Kenya
Solution: Flamingos

Question: Red Sea Resort With Port Ghalib Marina
Solution: Marsa alam

Question: State Of Having No Rest At Night
Solution: Sleepless

Question: Summary Of The Catholic Churchs Beliefs
Solution: Catechism

Question: Symbol That Stands For And
Solution: Ampersand

Question: System That Controls Smell
Solution: Olfactory

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