Codycross The 90s Group 1127 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers The 90s

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Codycross The 90s Answers

Question: A Written Expression Of Glowing Praise
Solution: Encomium

Question: Best Acorn Collector In The Animal Kingdom
Solution: Squirrel

Question: Classic Board Game Focused On Economy And Trade
Solution: Monopoly

Question: Faint Constellation Known As The Smaller Lion
Solution: Leo minor

Question: Forest Associated With The Robin Hood Legend
Solution: Sherwood

Question: Green Candied Cake Or Trifle Decoration
Solution: Angelica

Question: Linda Who Sang Somewhere Out There
Solution: Ronstadt

Question: Martin Director Of Taxi Driver And Huge
Solution: Scorsese

Question: Priest In A Prison Or Military Setting
Solution: Chaplain

Question: Put A Plastic Coating On Paper With A Machine
Solution: Laminate

Question: Small Settlements Where Neolithic Peoples Lived
Solution: Villages

Question: Sweet Soil That Has A PH Between 7 And 14
Solution: Alkaline

Question: Worked In A Training Position
Solution: Interned

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