Codycross The 70’s Group 331 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers The 70’s

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Codycross The 70’s Answers

Question: Almond Flavored Italian Biscuits
Solution: Amaretti

Question: Almondy Italian Biscuits
Solution: Amaretti

Question: Country That Had The Carnation Revolution
Solution: Portugal

Question: Driving Fury
Solution: Road rage

Question: Fast Flow Of Mixed Earth Debris
Solution: Mudslide

Question: First Secretary Of The Treasury
Solution: Hamilton

Question: GOWalk Footwear Company
Solution: Skechers

Question: Glass Is Half Full
Solution: Optimist

Question: Home To Worlds Largest Carnivorous Marsupial
Solution: Tasmania

Question: In Legal Terms Unable To Pay Debts
Solution: Bankrupt

Question: Jupiters Largest Satellite Cupbearer To The Gods
Solution: Ganymede

Question: Period Of High Birth Rate
Solution: Baby boom

Question: Precious Stones Never Traced After Antwerp Heist
Solution: Diamonds

Question: Quarter Of A Circle
Solution: Quadrant

Question: Richard Won An Oscar For The Goodbye Girl
Solution: Dreyfuss

Question: Row Tiff
Solution: Argument

Question: Spreading Of Eyeshadow Or Makeup So Its Seamless
Solution: Blending

Question: Wade Wilsons Alter Ego
Solution: Deadpool

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