Codycross Student Life Group 938 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A Feudal Tenant
Solution: Vassal

Question: A Small Tower On Top Of A Larger Tower On A Castle
Solution: Turret

Question: Chinese Variety Of Tea Neither Black Nor White
Solution: Oolong

Question: Container Sometimes Holding Toy Monkeys
Solution: Barrel

Question: Damage Scale For Tornadoes
Solution: Fujita

Question: Edward US Artist Of Nighthawks Diner Scene
Solution: Hopper

Question: Extremely Violent Or Forceful
Solution: Brutal

Question: Fin Located On The Back Of A Shark Or Whale
Solution: Dorsal

Question: Folded Cloth Flaps On The Front Of A Formal Jacket
Solution: Lapels

Question: Gigantic Octopus Monster From Swedish Lore
Solution: Kraken

Question: Goldfingers Henchman In James Bond Novels
Solution: Oddjob

Question: LEGO 2 Song Thats Gonna Get Stuck In Your Head
Solution: Catchy

Question: Special Meetings Of Church Councils
Solution: Synods

Question: Tamp Down Sound
Solution: Muffle

Question: The Organ Where Taste Buds Can Be Found
Solution: Tongue

Question: Title Profession In A 2008 Rainn Wilson Movie
Solution: Rocker

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