Codycross Student Life Group 937 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A Housefly Starts Life As This
Solution: Maggot

Question: Diamond Shaped Pattern Often Used On Socks
Solution: Argyle

Question: Forcibly Grabs
Solution: Seizes

Question: Howitzer
Solution: Cannon

Question: King Koopa Marios Chief Enemy
Solution: Bowser

Question: Miss Gibson Singer Of 80s Pop Hit Electric Youth
Solution: Debbie

Question: North Americas Highest Peak Re Named In 2015
Solution: Denali

Question: Party Before A Wedding Or A Birth
Solution: Shower

Question: Simple Simon Met This Person
Solution: Pieman

Question: Small Hole Making Tool
Solution: Gimlet

Question: Surname Of The Family On Everybody Loves Raymond
Solution: Barone

Question: Surname Shared By An England Manager And Captain
Solution: Robson

Question: Sweet Edible Seaweed Used In Japanese Soups
Solution: Wakame

Question: The Twin Constellation
Solution: Gemini

Question: War 1950s Asian Conflict With UN Participation
Solution: Korean

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